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100% Vegan

Looking great should never compromise our health or our furry friends. That's why we use only gentle and 100% vegan ingridients.


On average our products are naturally derived by 93% and we use only gentle active ingredients that deliver effective results. All our products are free of sulfates, parabens, alcohol, and silicones.

+100k Believers

98% of our customers would recommend our products to their friends - in a customer survey of +600 participants.

Best Sellers

At-home Keratin Treatment

Award-winning formula

At-home Keratin Treatment Kit

Award-winning formula


“Seriously, the results just speak for themselves.”

"Brings the salon to your home"

“The ultimate hair-care essential for powerful anti-frizz action”

“You’ll love the innovative new keratin treatment that’s been virtually flying off the shelves.”

“I was left to admire the finished result: soft and shiny hair that now feels completely transformed.”

“Beauty industry professionals praised the brand's innovative product”

“Taking the beauty world by storm”

“My hair is shinier and softer than ever. I like that my hair isn’t falling as flat to my scalp after the initial wash as it used to do.”

“Very nice experience. It was so easy to apply and my hair was very silky for two months. Would recommend to all my friends.”

“This is a god-send for all the frizzy hair ladies out there!! My hair was frizz-free for 3 months and unlike with your original formula, I didn’t experience any unpleasant smell with this reformulated one”

"This is the first time any treatment has ever managed to get my hair smooth and frizzfree. Ever! And I just let it airdry. Love it!"

Flyaway & Brow control stick

Perfect for creating sleek hairstyles quick and easy and brushing and finishing your brows.

Carry on and fix your hair throughout the day.

Holds all day. Flake and crust free. 

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“ANSWR is a home salon beauty brand on a mission to simplify beauty by empowering women to be their own beauty experts and take ownership of their beauty routines.”


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