Let the trial experts speak!

Let the trial experts speak!

Although our at-home keratin treatment took the industry by storm and won the best hair product award in Global Makeup Award 2021 we still knew we could make it even better. We started reformulating all our products based on customer feedback. After 15 sample rounds and over a year of development  the final improved formula was tested by a trial group formed by real experts - our customers. 

Here are some things they said: 

  • 92% of the testers preferred the new formula over the old one
  • 98% would recommend our keratin treatment to their friends
  • 100% would buy the product again
  • 83% claimed that the hair remained smooth for three months 
  • 92% claimed their hair dried frizz-free after each wash 
  • 100% claimed their hair dried faster after the treatment 
  • 97% didn’t experience any unpleasant smell after treatment which is a common side-effect with similar salon alternatives and something we struggled with in our original formula. 

“My hair is shinier and softer than ever. I like that my hair isn’t falling as flat to my scalp after the initial wash as it used to do.”

“Very nice experience. It was easier to time out and hair was very silky immediately after rinse. Would recommend this treatment to all my friends.”

“This is a god-send for all the frizzy hair ladies out there!! My hair was frizz-free for 3 months and unlike with your original formula, I didn’t experience any unpleasant smell with this reformulated one”

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