Can Scalp Massagers Really Help Your Hair Grow?

Can Scalp Massagers Really Help Your Hair Grow?

When you get your hair cut, there’s that glorious moment when your stylist has finished washing your hair and goes to give you a scalp massage that you wish would last forever.

Research done in 2016 and 2019 showed that frequent scalp massages led to thicker hair and reduced hair loss.

Healthy hair begins at the root, and scalp massages are effective because they target your hair growth centres: the follicles. This research indicated that scalp massages increase your hair thickness by stretching the cells in a hair follicle. The stretched follicles produce thicker hair, and you'll have luxurious locks.

The sad news is there is not substantial research to indicate that regular scalp massages can help your hair grow faster. But before you write off the scalp massage completely, scalp massages in tandem with other healthy hair practices can promote hair growth. And if you treat yourself to regular scalp massages over a long time, you’ll see healthier hair growth, stronger follicles, and a happier scalp. 

So Why Can’t I Just Use My Fingers to Massage My Scalp?

If scalp massages are really the beneficial thing, then theoretically, you can give yourself a scalp massage or bribe your flatmate to do it for you. What’s the point of purchasing another hair tool?

Shab Reslan, a trichologist, states that as long as a scalp massager is used gently, it is more beneficial than simply using your fingertips. Plus, a scalp massager can help you get to those hard to reach parts of your head.

Scalp massagers are more effective than your fingers at removing product buildup, excess oil, and any other gunk you don’t want to think about having on your head.

Using a scalp massager can increase blood flow to your scalp. When paired with a hair product, the massager can help you evenly distribute the product across your head.

Also, they just feel incredible. Your scalp has a bunch of nerve endings, which is why it feels fantastic to stimulate your scalp. So why not take the time to add a bit of self-care to your hair routine?


How to Use A Scalp Massager

You can take advantage of a scalp massager multiple ways, but what matters most is that you use it gently.

If you have an itchy scalp, it may feel good to reaaaaaally dig in there with your massager, but if you go too hard, you risk creating more irritation. Even if you don’t have the urge to itch, it’s a good rule of thumb to apply soft-to-medium pressure with a scalp massage instead of attacking your head.

These little neon plastic things have infiltrated the hair department claiming to reduce dandruff and help your hair grow. But do scalp massagers actually work, and is it time for you to get one?


Using Your Scalp Massager with Dry Hair

If you want to use a scalp massager simply because it feels good and will make your head healthier, you can run the massager through your scalp when your hair is dry. With dry hair, you want to aim for a three-minute massage session, and it’s probably best to brush your hair out before you get started. 

Using Your Scalp Massager in the Shower

If you opt to keep your massager in your shower caddy to use when you wash your hair, it’s best to use it right after applying shampoo. It’ll help you deep clean your scalp and make sure all the stuff you’re washing out goes down the drain. You should use the massager for one to two minutes with shampoo, and you can make soft circular patterns in your hair.


Using Your Scalp Massager with Product

If you really want to take your hair game up to the next level, you can use your scalp massager to help you apply any additional products or treatments to your hair. Follow the instructions on the product as to whether your hair should be dry or damp, and then use your scalp massager to make sure you get it into every strand of hair on your head. This works for oils, smoothing treatments, toning lotions, and more.

So while a scalp massager may not turn you into Rapunzel immediately, we all know that healthier hair grows faster. A scalp massager can help you get a healthier head and gorgeous locks, all while taking a bit of time to relax.


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