Everything You Need to Know About ANSWR's At-home Keratin Treatment

Everything You Need to Know About ANSWR's At-home Keratin Treatment

Every time a revolutionary hair or skin care treatment comes out, people don’t think twice about taking it for a whirl. Just like vampire facial and balayage, hair smoothing treatment is another trending topic in the beauty industry. ANSWR's at-home keratin treatment has taken hair smoothing up a notch by providing its users with a chemical-free, nutrient-rich hair treatment. Unlike other treatments, ANSWR's hair smoothing treatment won't only help to tame that unruly, frizzy, and damaged hair, but also provides nourishment from deep within. The fact that you can do it all by yourself at home makes it even better. While everyone is trying hard to stay up-to-date and benefit from this new hair care treatment, many are hesitant due to their lack of knowledge about keratin treatments.. To help you get your facts right, we’re here to share everything you need to know about our at-home keratin treatment. 

What is ANSWR Keratin Treatment?

For those who missed our previous posts, let’s begin by understanding what ANSWR's keratin treatment is. First and fore most ANSWR's keratin treatment is 100% formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan. The smoothing spray comes with a copious amount of Brazilian bioactives such as coconut, pitanga, Brazil nuts, guarana, and many more. These active ingredients nourish your hair and scalp to prolong and enhance the effect of the treatment. The treatment kit includes a treatment spray, after-care shampoo and conditioner. 

Is Safe to do the ANSWR Keratin Treatment at Home?

The next question that bothers most of the people is if they can perform an at-home hair smoothing treatment safely. Many people turn to salons for hair smoothing and straightening treatments because they’re not comfortable using chemical-rich products at home. In fact doing the ANSWR smoothing treatment at home is a way safer option than doing the treatment at a salon. For many it might come as a surprise that most salon treatments often contain formaldehyde which is classified as human carcinogen and often causes irritation and immediate eye burning sensation. In the worst case regular exposure to formaldehyde might increase the chance of getting cancer. ANSWR smoothing treatment fights against that by being a healthy alternative which does not consist any formaldehyde. With ANSWR hair smoothing treatment, you don’t have to worry about dealing with dangerous chemicals. The treatment doesn’t contain any harsh ingredient that might cause a reaction or pose any health risks. This ultimately gives you the real and safe hair smoothing treatment experience at home.

Who is it ideal for?

Many of you must be wondering who can get the treatment. Well, since the treatment is free from harsh chemicals, people with all types of hair can benefit from it. No matter if you have coarse, thick, and curly hair or thin, wavy and frizzy hair, ANSWR will assist you to tame those tresses effectively. Moreover, if you’re someone suffering from an inflammatory skin condition or allergic to harsh chemicals, ANSWR hair smoothing treatment is going to be your holy grail. That’s because the ANSWR hair smoothing treatment works gently without aggravating or drying out your skin.


How Does ANSWR's Keratin Treatment Work?

ANSWR keratin treatment isn’t like your ordinary hair smoothing treatments. Mainstream hair smoothing treatments involve applying a formaldehyde solution to your hair to break their original structure, followed by drying and locking them in a straight position. The gentle, natural ingredients in ANSWR hair smoothing treatment don’t break the disulfide bonds in your hair. The ANSWR hair smoothing treatment works by bending and aligning the bonds, leaving your hair straighter, frizz-free, and shiny.

How is ANSWR Keratin Treatment Done?

The application of ANSWR hair smoothing spray takes 5-10 minutes, depending on the length of your hair. The spray is applied to washed, clean, and dry hair for 60 minutes. The hair is then rinsed without shampoo and dried. To lock in the treatment the hair is then straighten with a 220C straightening iron. Make sure you’re using a good quality ceramic flat iron to ensure better results and no hair damage. To maintain the results, use ANSWR sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for washing your hair and follow with a hair dryer each time. You’re all set to flaunt your gorgeous looks.

How Long the Results Last?

Typically the effect of ANSWR's hair smoothing treatment lasts up to three months. You can maintain a shiny and smooth appearance for longer with proper hair care and nourishment. We recommend using our sulfate-free after-care shampoo and conditioner to avoid putting your hair through any nasty chemicals. These products lock in moisture and prolong the frizz-free, smooth effect. The O’wow smoothing treatment spray is designer for 1-2 applications, depending on the length of your hair.

Is it Safe for Coloured or Chemically-Treated Hair?

ANSWR's keratin treatment is equally safe and effective for colored or chemically-treated hair. It will help to lock in and enhance the color of your hair along with adding more shine to it. In addition, the nutrient-filled bioactives in the treatment spray help to hydrate and nourish your colored hair to prevent and reverse any damage that may have been caused by the chemicals in hair dyes and other hair treatments.

What Do You Need to Do Post-Treatment?

Post-treatment care starting right after your ANSWR keratin treatment is extremely significant to the outcome and longevity of the treatment. The first thing you’re required to do is avoid wetting or tying up your hair for at least 48 hours. And if by any chance you get a crimp or fold in your hair, straighten it using a flat iron. Once you are in the clear, it’s important to use sulfate-free products in order to sustain the results. Avoid using products with harsh, drying ingredients, such as hair sprays, that can potentially ruin the effect of your treatment. Don’t bleach or color your hair until two weeks post-treatment.

It’s crucial to know about the pros and cons of the treatment before taking a plunge. ANSWR keratin treatment is formaldehyde-free and therefore it is safe for your scalp, hair and overall health. It is the ideal, gentle and effective at-home hair smoothing treatment for anyone looking to smoothen unmanageable, dry, and frizzy hair.

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