The Ultimate Keratin After Care

The Ultimate Keratin After Care

At ANSWR, we designed a formaldehyde-free hair smoothing treatment for home use with nutrient-packed botanical bioactives and antioxidants.If you have done the ANSWR treatment or plan on doing soon, you should know about after-treatment care to reap maximum benefit out of it.  It is important to note that if you follow after smoothing hair care tips and suggestions, the results of your treatment will last a lot longer than usual. Here’s what you should and should not be doing to maintain that shiny, blown-out smooth hair.

Select the Right After Smoothing Treatment Products

For starters, don’t forget to use ANSWR after hair smoothing treatment shampoo and conditioner regularly. These mild, sulfate-free products are meant to ensure that your hair and scalp stay clean without stripping them off their natural moisture. This, in turn, locks moisture in your hair strands and maintains their texture and straight, frizz-free appearance for long. The best thing about ANSWR sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is that it’s suitable for use by anyone. Even if you’re struggling with any inflammatory skin condition, these products won’t aggravate your skin. That’s not all; our sulfate-free hair care products will also preserve and maintain your colored-hair.

Immediately After the Hair Smoothing Treatment

While you are enjoying your newly transformed, bouncy hair, you should keep a few aftercare measures in mind. It is vitally essential that you don’t wash or tie your hair for at least 48 hours after having your ANSWR hair smoothing treatment. It can cause your newly done hair to bend and crimp. Also, avoid physical activities or exposure to sun and heat because the sweating may also affect the results of your smoothing treatment. You can wash your hair like you normally do after 48 hours. However, it is recommended that you use ANSWR after smoothing treatment shampoo and conditioner to uphold and enhance the effect of the treatment. Leave the conditioner in your locks for a few minutes to let it work effectively. To stimulate the effect of the smoothing treatment, blow-dry your hair after every wash. Avoid rubbing your hair after a wash as it can add bumps and creases to your hair.

2-3 days After the Hair Smoothing Treatment


Your post-treatment care doesn’t end with just washing your hair after the treatment. In order to keep your hair in their optimal shape, you have to keep a few things in mind all the time. Make sure not to use too hot water because it can rip off moisture from your hair, making them dry and dull. If you wash it with lukewarm water, apply a cold rinse afterward. It will shock your hair cuticles to shut and consequently prevent frizz and tangles. In addition, avoid using a hairbrush after wash to detangle and manage your hair. Opt for a wide-toothed comb instead and detangle your hair with care. If possible, apply a hair mask to supply your hair with an extra dose of nutrients. Remember that the  hair mask must be sulfate-free. Try to add some natural ingredients with conditioning and antioxidant properties to protect your hair from dryness and oxidative stress. You can also apply a nourishing hair serum that will also protect your hair from pollutants. Last but not least, avoid bleaching or dying your hair. The corrosive chemicals in hair dyes and bleach will dry out your hair. Either do it before your hair smoothing treatment or wait for at least 2 weeks post-treatment.

After fifteen Days of the Hair Smoothing Treatment

Don’t be lazy or neglect your hair because it has been a while since you got your hair smoothing treatment. For maintaining your showstopper, gorgeous-looking hair and having some extra Z’s in the morning keep your hair nourished from the inside out. Incorporate vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meat, and dairy products to your diet to give a boost to your silky, smooth hair. If you have planned to get your hair dyed, now is the time. After 2 weeks of your hair smoothing treatment, you are good to go for your favorite hair color. It’s also a great idea to use deeply hydrating and replenishing oils. Apply oil that fulfils your hair needs, and leave it on for an hour or overnight. Wash with our ANSWR sulfate-free shampoo followed by ANSWR conditioner, and flaunt your clean and fresh tresses throughout the day. To get rid of any split or dry ends, get your hair trimmed a bit. It may sound naïve, but try to keep your hair safe from environmental factors that can deplete their natural moisture. It’s best to use a hat or an umbrella while going out in the sun or rain. One more thing to consider is not over-washing your hair. Since hair smoothing treatments are not permanent so they can wash off rapidly without proper care. If your hair doesn’t get greasy, avoid shampooing them every day. Use a dry shampoo on the day you skip washing your hair to keep them looking fresh. Don’t touch or comb your hair too much as it can make it greasy. Avoid using heating tools such as straightening iron and curler on a regular basis. Wear a cap while swimming to avoid leaving your hair wet for longer, and for preventing chlorine from washing out your treatment.


Although you can always reapply ANSWR hair smoothing treatment after two months but taking proper care of your treated hair will prolong the effect and improve the outcomes of the treatment. Incorporating the above-mentioned tips and tricks into your hair care routine will ensure that you enjoy the long-lasting effect of your hair smoothing treatment. Healthy, shiny hair shows that you’ve been taking good care of it.

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