Low maintenance beauty is everything for me and I truly believe that looking great should be fun, simple, easy, and personal. This is the ethos on which I wanted to create a beauty brand.
The brand was initially born simply out of a personal need. I wanted to take control into my own hands instead of having to regularly pay a visit to the salon and that’s how the idea for the home salon beauty brand was born.

I really want to celebrate hassle-free beauty solutions that enable everyone to express themselves freely. I firmly believe beauty shouldn’t be complicated. Beauty should make everyone feel good. Not pressured. Beauty should not control you. You control beauty. Only you know what you need. You choose what’s right.

It’s always a 'pinch me' moment when I hear about the positive changes our products are having on people's beauty.

Georgiana Grudinschi

Our mission is, and will always be, to empower you to take ownership of your beauty routines through innovative home salon products for that little extra glow in your life.

ANSWR is a home salon beauty brand on a mission to simplify beauty by empowering women to be their own beauty experts and take ownership of their beauty routines.

At its core, ANSWR makes expensive salon treatments accessible to everyone by providing convenient at-home alternatives inspired by real experts - its customers. Modern-day beauty essentials form the backbone of women's self-care routines to enable to express themselves freely. 

Initially launched in 2019 as Owow by bringing the first-ever at-home keratin treatment to market, rivaling expensive salon alternatives that took the industry by storm. After two years on the market, hundreds of thousands of happy customers, and a lot of feedback later we understood that there is more to it than just a simple wow experience. That’s when the entire brand was redefined  

We are all in constant search of beauty solutions that will make us feel better. We tend to seek professional help but why should someone else tell you what to do when only you know what you need. You should be your own expert because you know the answer. Through that realisation, Owow was reborn as ANSWR in April 2022.

When it comes to product development, ANSWR is socially driven by the voice of its real customer - the voice of ANSWR.


Easy-to-use effective home salon products that really do what they claim - to support your everyday beauty routines.


Socially driven by the voice of our customer - the voice of ANSWR. We ask, you answer, we create.


For women who want to take ownership of their beauty routines and be their own experts.