9 Styling Secrets Your Hair Will Thank You For

9 Styling Secrets Your Hair Will Thank You For

With these healthy haircare secrets you’ll soon be BFF’s with your barnet.

With heated tools, blow dry blasting and over-zealous brushing it’s true that some of our hair styling habits can take a toll on our tresses, so how can we care for our hair without looking like we’ve neglected it completely? To answer that, we’ve rounded up the best-kept styling secrets that’ll give you happier, healthier hair. 

1. Wash your hair less, enjoy your hair more 

Over washing your hair is a sure-fire way to dry it out and strip away its natural moisture. In fact, contrary to what you might think, washing your hair once or twice a week is plenty and washing it less actually results in less grease. That’s because when you wash your hair every day your scalp can dry out and overproduce natural oils to compensate – leading to greasier roots. Just remember, less is more.


2. Brush before you wash

Hair stylists don’t often tell you that you should always brush your hair before you wash it. Why? Well, not only does it help distribute the naturally protective oils from your scalp all the way down the hair shaft, it also means your hair is less likely to break when you’re brushing it post-wash. Hair is weaker when it’s wet so brushing those knots out before you step in the shower makes sense. (You can’t expect your hair masks to do all the untangling for you!) We love this tip because it also means your hair is much easier to style afterwards. It’s a triple win. 

3. Fight frizz with a touch of silk

Want to wake up frizz free, every single morning? Talk about hair goals right? As well as smoothing your hair with our ANSWR range you can protect your hair from the nighttime frizz factor by sleeping with a silk pillow.  Silk is made from natural fibres which create less friction along your hair cuticle. This means hair is protected against frizz and is much easier to style.


4. Choose your tools wisely

When you use your tongs, wand or straightening irons day in, day out it’s a fact that you risk damaging your strands. To maximise hair health you should invest in professional tools that use ionic technology which lock moisture into your hair while you style it and always use a heat protective spray whenever things get hot and hairy.


5. Air dry your mane for as long as possible 

Did you know, for stronger strands you should let your hair dry naturally as much as possible before you blast it with your hair dryer? Because hair is weaker when it’s wet, by allowing it to air dry it has more of a chance to recover its strength before you give it a blow dry blitz. Bonus tip - remember to keep that hair dryer moving when you’re styling so that you’re distributing the heat nice and evenly. 

6. Show your scalp some love


To say our scalps get neglected is probably an understatement. Although, it’s really important to treat your scalp with some regular TLC because this helps your hair grow healthier. Try look for nourishing treatment masks with natural ingredients to hydrate and protect your hair. You can also incorporate the habit of simply massaging your scalp for five minutes with a few drops of jojoba oil before washing your hair.


7. Rinse cold for added shine

One of our favourite hacks for shiny hair? Rinsing it with cold water. This works like a charm to leave hair gleaming. A cold water rinse post conditioner will close your hair’s cuticle. This smoothens the strand structure and reflects the light better, leading to a shiny healthy finish. Want more gloss? Add a little hair serum to go full voltage.

8. Brush it better

Our hairbrushes are the unsung heroes of our haircare routines. In fact, the right hairbrush is one of the best-kept secrets to healthier hair – proper brushing promotes healthy growth, while the right brush can enhance your hair’s shine and style. Our top tip is to opt for brushes with natural bristles as these are more compatible with your hair’s natural structure and are usually much gentler.

9. You gotta trim if you wanna grow

Newsflash! Leaving too much time between trims when you’re trying to grow your hair can actually be counter-productive. As a rule you shouldn’t leave more than three months between trims because this helps to keep the hair strong from root to tip and encourages healthy growth. When your ends are left to their own devices for too long they can weaken and split. So, if long healthy hair is your goal, don’t be afraid of the scissors. They’re the secret to a beautiful mane.

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