8 Tips to Help Prevent and Repair Dry and Damaged Hair

8 Tips to Help Prevent and Repair Dry and Damaged Hair

Just like your skin and body, your hair deserves regular care and attention because maintaining lustrous and healthy, and beautiful-looking hair can be a task. Your hair has to bear a lot of wear and tear every day after everything you put it through. The most common hair problems faced by women include dry, dull, and damaged hair. Whether your hair problem is caused by the environmental stressors, hair tools, or your hair care products, it’s imperative to address the issues in order to restore the health of your hair. Today, we’ve come up with a bunch of factors to pay keen attention to if you want to bring your mane back to life.

1. Thermal Styling Tools Cause Hair Damaged

Many of us aren’t even aware of how our daily habits are causing damaged our hair and scalp. Hair straightening and curling irons are probably the most widely used hair tools that make the hair shafts weak and brittle. The continuous use of these heating tools sucks the natural moisture from the hair, leaving hair fibers vulnerable to dehydration and breakage. It’s better to minimize the use of these tools and switch to hairstyles that don’t require straightening and curling. With ANSWR's at-home keratin treatment you can say goodbye to your straightening iron as after you complete the treatment your hair will dry perfectly frizzy-free. The results in the below pictures are achieved with the use of ANSWR's at-home keratin treatment.

2. Hair Styling Products

To control and reduce hair damage, avoid hair styling products, like hair sprays, gels, and foams that damaged your hair badly. The harsh additives, drying alcohol, and fragrances in them are enough to cause substantial hair damage. Keep your hairstyles simple so you won’t need to apply these products. Did you know that by applying a damage control serum or heat protectant spray you will be increasing the hair damage by many folds? So, don’t be fooled by the gimmicks of brands claiming to sell these so-called heat protecting products. It will not just prevent possible hair damage but also reduce your expenditure on styling products.

3. Insufficient Hydration

No matter how many hair care products and nourishing masks you apply, nothing will work if you’re not hydrating your scalp amply from the inside. Not consuming enough fluids doesn’t only affect your internal organs and skin but has an equally devastating impact on your scalp and tresses. Dehydration causes the body to lose all its moisture into the surrounding and leaves every part of your body dried-out. Drink up a lot of water and juices throughout the day to keep your scalp healthy and hydrated and also to save them from damaged.

4. Harsh Shampoos and Conditioners

Most of the mainstream hair care products contain sulfates which are harsh detergents. Repeated use of such products can lead to compromised lipid barrier of the scalp and various scalp and hair problems. Sulfate-rich shampoos and conditioners can strip your hair of its natural sebum needed to keep it in its optimal health, making it look lifeless and dehydrated. Natural oils on the surface of your scalp not only lock in the moisture but also protect it from external factors, such as bacteria, sun damage, grime, and toxins. Also, it can disturb the pH level of your scalp and cause further hair damage by opening the hair follicles and increasing the friction between hair strands. Keeping all these adverse effects of sulfates in mind, ANSWR have designed sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to ensure the safety and health of your locks. ANSWR's sulfate-free shampoo works gently to clean your scalp and hair without ripping them off their essential moisture while ANSWR's sulfate-free conditioner hydrates the scalp and repairs any hair and scalp damaged.

5. Extreme Temperatures

Hot water is one of the worst enemies of your hair and scalp. Hot water opens the hair cuticles and robs your scalp of all its moisture, making it susceptible to dehydration, itching, and infections. Unhealthy and dry scalp leads to hair breakage and dullness. Use cold or lukewarm warm instead to retain the natural moisture. Well, if you believe that only hot temperatures can have an adverse effect on your hair, you’re wrong. With dry, cold wind blowing and a decline in humidity during winter, the scalp loses its moisture into the atmosphere. Besides, the indoor heating systems used in winter also add up to the hair damage.

6. Chemical Processing

In an attempt to achieve silky and smooth tresses, we put our hair and scalp through many chemical treatments repeatedly. The harsh ingredients used in hair straightening, coloring, and permanent waving treatments make the scalp sensitive, dry, and flaky overtime. It also makes your hair strands inelastic, weak, and brittle. Chances are you’ll end up doing more harm to your hair than good. Always scan the labels and choose a treatment that doesn’t include harmful chemical. We take pride in saying that ANSWR's hair smoothing treatment is free from formaldehyde, the most commonly used carcinogen in ordinary hair smoothing treatments. In addition, it’s jam-packed full of the goodness of Brazillian Bioactive compounds that nourish and protect your scalp and hair from inside and out.

7. Unhealthy Lifestyle

We hardly think of the consequences of the lifestyles choices we make until it’s too late and the damage becomes irreversible or hard to reduce. Smoking, drinking, and unhealthy diet stand among the top factors that can cause significant hair damage. Smoking and drinking cause dehydration, deteriorating the health of your scalp and thus your hair. We all know that our skin requires a nonstop supply of essential nutrients to look healthy, but we often neglect the fact that our hair also needs nourishment from deep inside to thrive. A deficiency of vitamin B, fatty acids, iron, and zinc can result in insufficient sebum production which leads to a myriad of hair concerns. Add fresh fruits, vegetable, dairy products, fish and poultry to your daily diet and avoid processed food.

8. Environmental Pollution

It’s inevitable to avoid exposure to the environmental factors and the damage caused by them because we all have to step outside for one reason or another on a daily basis. Free radicals, toxic chemicals, gases, dirt, and smoke are among the major contributors to unhealthy, inflamed, and flaky scalp. These pollutants settle in the hair follicles, posing threat to the health and appearance of your mane. Frequent exposure to these elements can make your hair look dull and exacerbate the breakage of hair strands. While we can’t cut off from the outside world, there are some safety measures to minimize the damage. If you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure to cover your hair properly and treat them with deep conditioning and nourishing masks regularly.

If your hair is suffering from dryness and dullness ANSWR's keratin treatment is the answer. Packed with plenty of natural ingredients your hair will be nourished and moisturised with only one easy application and the best thing is that it will look super shiny and smooth. The results last for up to three months, meaning that your hair will dry perfectly frizzy-free after each wash.

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