12 Habits to Adopt for Healthy Hair

12 Habits to Adopt for Healthy Hair

It's said that a new habit takes 21 days to form. It takes patience and dedication to trade old unhealthy habits for a new routine. In terms of hair habits, there are a few minor changes you can make that will improve the health of your hair. Some of these hair habits will give you an immediate visible change while others will take time to work their magic. Adding a dose of healthy hair habits might be the cure for your hair loss, hair thinning, brittle hair, dandruff and other issues. Continue reading for healthy hair tips and habits:

Healthy Hair Habits to Incorporate Into Your Routine

1. Stay Hydrated

You have likely heard it a million times: Stay hydrated. Not only will you feel more clear-headed and energised, but your skin and hair will thank you. By staying hydrated and drinking enough water, you make sure that your skin stays hydrated – and this also includes your scalp. Help stimulate hair growth and avoid flakiness and dryness by getting your eight cups of water in on the regular.

2. Get Regular Hair Trims

Getting trims every six to eight weeks makes your hair look improved because you get rid of split ends regularly. It also helps you grow your hair because it reduces splits and breakage and you don’t end up chopping off longer chunks of your hair. It’s very important to be aware of the fact that hair grows on an average half an inch every week. Of course, there are exceptions for people with faster hair growth.

3. Avoid Hot Tools When You Can

Let your hair air-dry whenever you can and try to avoid using hot tools. By getting in the habit of air drying your hair, you’ll be keeping your hair as healthy as possible. If you are used to straightening or curling your hair regularly, this will be one of the harder things to restrain from. Start slow and work your way up to using your hot styling tool less!

4. Using Wide-Tooth Combs

Brushing your hair while wet can cause the main breakage. However, if your hair is twisted while wet, you have no choice but to brush. If you need to brush wet hair, try getting for a wide-tooth comb. These combs slide through the hair easily without snagging your strands.

5. Avoid Synthetic Dyes

Avoiding toxic dyes are very important for the health of our hair. Conventional hair dyes and bleaches have very dangerous, toxic ingredients. That is what we need to be aware of as hair dyeing is something that is being used by almost every woman and man regularly. If someone starts to color their hair, they would constantly do the same to hide his or her greys and those too about four to six weekly bases. It too creates cumulative exposure to dangerous chemicals. Hence, finding a safer alternative would be a great option.

6. Eat a Healthy Diet

You already know how essential it is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet for your health, but you might not have realised how helpful it is for your hair. Those with stunning, long locks have a secret when it comes to their daily food — it’s eating a protein- and nutrient-packed diet. 

7. Use the Right Shampoo

The type of shampoo you pick is the most significant piece of your healthy hair care routine. A shampoo too harsh for your hair type can cause frizz and dryness; a too mild formula can leave your hair limp and dull. How do make the right choice? Select a formula that states it is specially designed for your hair type.

8. Condition the Ends First

Moisture is key for healthy, shiny, manageable hair, and this is where conditioners come in. A lot goes a long way, so you don’t necessity a lot of products when it comes to conditioners. Start at the mid-lengths and move to the ends. Once you’ve given the ends enough love—so that they don’t divide, tangle, or break off—work your way towards your scalp. This provides the conditioner more time to work on the ends. Keep the conditioner on for a minute and then wash it off.

9. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

This is the most essential part of a haircare routine. Keeping your hair moisturized and well-nourished will help improve hair elasticity and shine. Also, hair needs more moisture than usual due to its texture.  ANSWR's at-home keratin treatment will deeply hydrate your hair and leave it soft, moisturised and healthy.

10. Smoothing Treatment

Your hair gets damaged, from anything to over-processing it or using styling tools. Our at-home keratin treatment is a hair treatment home kit for semi-permanent shiny, silky and smooth hair, with results lasting up to three months. It is ideal for anyone looking to smoothen unmanageable, frizzy and dry hair. If you want to wake up every morning having a sparkly smooth hair and head straight into the day with a hair that won’t be unnoticed, this treatment is for you.

11. Massages with Oils

Oils are excellent for your hair, providing long-lasting moisture throughout the day. One of the most popular is argan oil, which comes from a small nut that’s loaded with vitamins A and E, omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Other oils that are great for the hair include coconut, olive, and jojoba.

12. Sleep on Silk.

Make the most of your beauty sleep: switch your cotton pillowcase for a silk alternative. It protects the cuticle of your hair by decreasing the amount of friction between your hair and the fabric.

Obtaining beautiful, shiny hair isn’t as hard as you might think. Adopt these habits and get healthy hair inside-out.

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